News Archive - September 2021

A Six-Day Workshop on "Data Analysis using SPSS"

27th Sep - 6th Oct, 2021: LISA-LCWU conducted a Six-Day workshop on "Data Analysis using SPSS" in collaboration with the Directorate of Faculty Development & Internationalization (DFDI). The resource person of the workshop was Dr. Asifa Kamal, COD/Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, LCWU, Lahore. The workshop was attended by a large number of researchers from within and outside the university belonging to diverse fields ranging from social sciences to medical professionals. The resource person provided participants with valuable knowledge and skills in utilizing SPSS for data analysis. The workshop covered topics such as data entry, data cleaning, descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, and advanced analysis techniques. Through interactive sessions and practical exercises, participants gained hands-on experience in conducting statistical analysis using SPSS. The workshop successfully equipped attendees with the necessary tools to effectively analyze data and make informed decisions. Overall, it was an informative and engaging workshop that enhanced participants' understanding and proficiency in data analysis using SPSS.