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Mental Hygiene and Need for Counseling

Guidance Session on Mental Hygiene and Need for Counseling by Career Guidance and Counseling Centre, LCWU

To promote the concept of Mental Hygiene and Need for Counseling among students Guidance and Awareness session was conducted by Career Guidance and Counseling Centre (CGCC) on 9th February, 2022. The event was held in IT Seminar Hall with BS students Electrical Engineering Department. Around 60 students and faculty of Engineering attended the event. Ms. Samina Uzair, Student Counselor/Psychologist and Ms. Mamoona Riaz, Material Developer/Psychologist were resource persons of the event. Ms. Asma Kiran coordinated from Electrical Engineering Department. All three areas of mental health including Awareness, Prevention and Treatment are covered by CGCC along with Social Skills Training.

The issues addressed are as follows:  

·  Significance of Mental health and need for professional help 

·  The information of services provided by CGCC. It included various areas like, anxiety, Stress, adjustment, relationship issues etc. 

·   The nature of individual and group counseling services 

·   Awareness about available assessment facilities 

· Awareness about wide range of Career Guidance including personal grooming, professional development, career selection, career avenues and personal skills for job market

The student were assured about the confidentiality and secrecy of all information provided during counseling procedure.