News Archive - January 2022

Inter Universities Theatre Competition, LCWU

On 26th January, 2022, Lahore College for Women University hosted Inter Universities Theatre Competition. Teams from University College for Art and Design, Superior University, Kinnaird College for Women, The University of the Punjab and the hosts Lahore College for women University presented dramas centred around the theme of human rights covering diverse range of issues like domestic violence, gender violence, women rights, drug abuse and issues of other vulnerable groups such as acid victims, disabled, transgender community, and minorities. The purpose of the event is to foster awareness through artistic expression via theatre.


The event was a collaboration of the Siraj ud Din Dramatics Society of Lahore College of Women University with Punjab Women Protection Authority, Ministry of Human Rights and Initiatives for Sustainable Development (IFSD). Several teams participated from renowned universities like Kinnaird College, Superior University, five teams from The University of Punjab and Lahore College Women University participated in the competition. The event was entertained in the Iqra Auditorium, LCWU from 10:30 am onwards.

The occasion was graced by note-able guests including Mr Gul Hassan Abbas, Executive Director of Initiatives for Sustainable Development, Ms Kaneez Fatima, Chairperson Punjab Women Protection Authority, Ms Lubna Mansoor, Regional Director Ministry of Human Rights, Mr Nadeem Ashraf, Member National Commission for Human Rights.

The esteemed Jury Members included Mr Gul Hassan Abbas, Director of Initiatives for Sustainable Development Punjab Women Protection Authority. Mr Shahid Nadeem, a notable personality currently serving as the director of The Ajoka Theatre and PTV Academy. Ms Musarrat Misbah a well-known beautician, entrepreneur, philanthropist and the Executive Director of Depilex and Smile Again foundation. Ms Mehreen Syed, CEO of International Fashion Academy Pakistan and has also represented Pakistan on both national and international platforms. Ms Asara chaudhray motivational author and speaker.

University College of Art and Design delivered a wonderful performance of the play titled ‘Dil Hai Pakistni,’ produced by Natuk Production. It highlighted an important message about human rights. Kinnaird College for Women University presented their play titled Mazloom, a play about victim shaming. Performers from The University of the Punjab performed their drama titled ‘Uth Razia,’ a play intensely presenting the issues of domestic violence.Superior University with their play Inkaar put forth a sensational play based on story of a rape victim and how her life took a turn for the better. Lahore College for Women University’s Siraj ud Din Dramatics Society performed a play titled ‘shanaakht,’ a story about the journey of survival of a trans-person transitioning from being an outcast to being accepted by the mainstream society.


Milestone Media presented a beautiful anthem. They are the largest organisation in Pakistan working specifically for the progress and betterment of disabled persons. They presented a beautiful rendition of a national song. The event also indulged a much-anticipated live performance from one of the most famous singers from our trans community; Lucky Khan and Nagma. The duo were the first from the transgender community to appear on Coke Studio and thus breaking stereotypes. Mr Shahid Nadeem and Ms Musarrat Misbah came on the stage and enlightened the audience with their profound remarks with regards to the event. The honourable guests were presented with shields. The event was a massive success.