News Archive - March 2022

Rizq LCWU Society distributed a 'Winter Clothes and Blankets Drive'

Rizq LCWU Society organized and successfully completed a 'Winter Clothes and Blankets Drive' in collaboration with Akhuwat Clothes Bank on March 3, 2022. Ms. Neelam Gilani and Ms. Sana Niaz from Akhuwat visited LCWU and had a formal meeting to discuss future plans and drives. The team members of Rizq LCWU Society collected, sorted and handed over the donations to the Akhuwat team. The donations were received from all departments of LCWU and students and faculty donated clothes, jackets, sweaters, blankets, shawl, overcoats and even baby clothes to help the deserving families of Pakistan. The donations will be sent to the remote mountainous areas  under supervision of Akhuwat Clothes Bank.