News Archive - July 2022

Workshop on “LaTex and EndNote”(2022)

Dated: 18th Jul to 20th, 2022

DFDI and LISA LCWU jointly arranged three days workshop for the young researchers on software ‘LaTex’ and ‘EndNote’, dated 18th Jul to 20th, 2022. The   workshops were   exclusively   designed on the demand of Botany department of LCWU for   the   researchers, who   wish   to document the research article or thesis professionally without hassle of formatting. The first event was comprised of one-day conducted by the DFDI and LISA-LCWU entitled: EndNote, Collect and Store your References, was held on Jul 18th 2022. EndNote software helps the researchers to save time by downloading, storing and managing references. Ms. Abeera Shakeel (LISA-LCWU Internee), Instructor   of   the   training   workshop, guided the participants to use software for managing their research work in an efficient way.

Another two days’ workshop entitled:  LATEX, A Useful Tool For Thesis And Research Paper Writing, dated Jul 19th  to Jul 20th  2022. LaTeX is the requirement of many journals for publishing the research article. The Objective of the Latex Workshop was to gain the knowledge about documentation on open source tool and developed a basic understanding of Latex.  Ms. Naz Saud, Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics was the resource person and Ms. Aqsa Rafique, Research student, assisted the event. Participants experienced a special hands on practice learning session through which they got a better understanding of Latex tool and applications for it.
In closing ceremony, Dr. Anjum Tahira, Director DFDI explained the importance of these training for their research work. She also thanks the resource persons and presented shields and certificates to them.  Dr. Asifa Kamal, Chairperson and Coordinator, LISA-LCWU, explained the role of LISA 2020 “statslabs”. She emphasized the importance of trainings in building statistical analysis capacity. She presented a vote of thanks to the resource persons and participants for their cooperation and to  LISA-LCWU for organizing a successful event.