Iqbal Day Celebrations at History Department

16th November 2022:The more you know about the past the better prepared you are for the future”. The strong nations have a strong history of national language and heroes . Iqbal Day ( youm-e-Iqbal), the birthday of Muhammad Iqbal on the 9th of november is structured and celebrated to compliment Iqbal, the "Poet of the East" every year. To commemorate the 145th birth Anniversary of Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the LCWU Specially History Department @ Fatima Jinnah historical Society under the Supervision of Dr. Fauzia Rashid. She  Organized an event in which Speech and Quiz competitions were held. 
This day is Celebrated to Recall Allama Iqbal's groundbreaking dream.Opportunities for the young generation and masses for Comprehending Iqbal's message are provided in its Real Sense, Showing them ways to Implement it in their lives.The Students were Veiled as famous Poets and Shared their melodious poetry in a pleasant manner. The diversity of poetry has taken the audience in their spell.Students prepared Speeches on Allama Iqbal and Recited his poetry.
 At the End of the event Certificate of Achievement was Awarded to the position holders and runner up of the Quiz and Speech Competition among all the participants of the event.This event give Opportunities to the Students to show their Skills.The Main Purpose of Celebrating this day, is to Signify Iqbal's Importance and Acknowledge his Contribution that inspired the idea of the Pakistan movement among the Muslim of the Subcontinent.