NEWS ARCHIVE - April 2023

Seminar on difference between Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship

Dr. Sobia Hassan, Incharge, Department of Public Administration conducted a successful seminar on 11th April, 2023, in which she spoke about the difference between entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship, social enterprises and NGOs  to the students of BBA, BCOM & BPA of semester VI. She said that “social entrepreneurship is about creativity, innovation and directly addressing social issues while making profit, whereas entrepreneurship targets creativity and innovation”. The seminar helped students to look for best sources of funding for their projects, nature of social welfare programs, and to differentiate between entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship in detail.She also gave few practical examples from the world to make students better understand the difference among above mentioned types of entrepreneurship. It was a very successful and interactive session with the students of VI semester who are about to choose their final year entrepreneurial projects. At the end of the session, Dr. Fouzia Ashfaq Incharge of Department of Management Sciences presented a souvenir to her as token of thanks.