NEWS ARCHIVE - December 2023

ExtLecGender1.jpg - 126.55 kBStudents of the Department of Gender and Development Studies organized an extension lecture on "The Punjab Protection of Women against Violence act" at the Student Service Center, LCWU, in collaboration with the Women Development Department, Government of the Punjab.

ExtLecGender2.jpg - 93.64 kBExtLecGender3.jpg - 159.22 kBThe lecture was delivered by Ms. Zahida Sadiq (Advocate High Court). In her lecture, she shared the important aspects, facts and acts of The Punjab Protection of Women against Violence in Pakistan. She also talked about the role of judiciary and police departments and how a victim can appeal or knock the doors of court by using helplines and protection bills. She shared valuable information about women's rights and responsibilities of the institutions to support victims of violence.ExtLecGender4.jpg - 88.76 kBExtLecGender5.jpg - 96.92 kB