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Prime Minister’s Youth Laptop Scheme Phase-III

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LCWU Final Merit List of PMYLS (31-08-2023)

Background of the Scheme

In the past, two schemes had been executed by the Higher Education Commission (PM National Laptop Scheme Phase-I and II). Under PMNLS scheme II, the Higher Education Commission was the executing agency for the program, around 500,000 laptops have been successfully distributed through transparent online system across public sector universities and technical colleges including Federal and FATA colleges. In order to maintain the transparency and information were publicly published on HEC website.

It is an established fact that a country’s economic development is determined by its intellectual capital. Pakistan is unique in the sense that almost 63% of its population is below the age of 30. This youth bulge will critically impact Pakistan as a country if not dealt with appropriately, depending on how the country invests in the youth by providing them with quality education, employment, and meaningful engagement opportunities

The Government has realized the importance of this fact and started specific programs for tapping potential of the youth, reduce unemployment by providing appropriate skills, and flourish a culture of entrepreneurship.

Introduction about Phase-III (2022-23):

The Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan announced that government will provide laptops to talented students. The project aims to give opportunities in the form of laptops to the young and talented students studying in public sector Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) across the country and Azad Jammu & Kashmir. The project has been approved by ECNEC, as the Prime Minister Youth Laptop Scheme (PMYLS) Phase-III. In this regard, 100,000 laptops would be awarded to talented students on merit through an online transparent system. In the past, two such schemes have been successfully executed by the Higher Education Commission.


Government’s Vision:

·         Bringing improvement in quality of science and technology education, including ICT.

·         Developing partnerships between industries and their education & training providers.

·         Enabling smart campuses to facilitate instant networking and an improved learning environment.

·         Boost productivity and value addition in the manufacturing sector.

·         To ensure the potential of IT is fully used for benefiting the education sector.

·         Increase productivity and efficiency by providing advanced IT technologies.

Contours aligned with the Vision:

·         Computers are identified as one of the drivers of future development.

·         Helping in achieving the digitization of every school, college, and university.

·         Chipping in with the major component (i.e., devices) in the concept of Smart Campus Systems.

·         Helping in exploiting the full potential of IT benefiting the education sector.

The scheme is envisioned to promote outreach of youth to information and communication technologies (ICTs) as to bridge the digital divide not only within the higher education sector but across other sectors as well, and to the communities throughout the country.


Students are advised to Apply Online by Registering or Updating Profile at the following link of Students' Service Portal. (Students can apply through web portal or through Mobile App).

Website URL:


Students studying in public sector Universities/ Degree Awarding Institutes and sub-campuses duly recognized by HEC

Eligible Universities List By HEC.


Students enrolled not earlier than their respective program duration as per the table below:

Degree Name


Date of Admission ( Greater then or After )

End Date


5 Years



MS/ MPhil or Equivalent

2 Years




3.5 Years




2.5 Years




1.5 Years



Masters (16 years)

2 Years




5 Years




4 Years



Students studying in public sector Universities/ Degree Awarding Institutes duly recognized by HEC (Except Distance learning).

·         Students enrolled in PhD/ MS/ MPhil or equivalent 18-year program.

·         Students enrolled in a 4-year or 5-year bachelor’s degree program (morning and evening).

·         Students enrolled in MBA Program (3.5 years, 2.5 years, and 1.5 years).


Following students will NOT be eligible for laptops under this scheme

·         Students enrolled at any private sector higher education institute (HEI).

·         Students enrolled at any government degree & postgraduate colleges and affiliated colleges.

·         Students who have already received a laptop under any Federal or Provincial Government scheme.

·         Foreign nationals, except students from AJK.

·         If any student has not applied online or his/her application has not received through online portal.

·         The eligibility for laptop award will also be determined at the time of distribution. If student(s) failed to produce the required documents and proof of academic performance, against the data which made him/ her qualified for laptop, he/ she shall not be awarded with laptop.

·         Any selected student who passed out degree program prior to laptop distribution.

Distribution Strategy/Selection criteria:

·         Once the student has applied online (before the deadline) through the HEC online portal. Then the System which can filter eligible and ineligible students accordingly.

·         The Focal Person of the relevant department, will verify the student’s data through their online focal person account, specifically, Name, CNIC, Department, Degree Level, Last exam percentage/ CGPA, etc.

·         The sole responsibility of the verification rests with the University Focal Person.

·         Any discrepancy found in student’s data then it will be amended accordingly by updating/ editing student data after obtaining student record from the Institute or from the student themselves.

·         The focal person, upon the nature of the application can disapprove or verify the student or make the correction within given timeline.

·         Each Institute will be given their share of laptops based on a predefined quote as outlined in eligibility and merit criteria.

·         Once the deadline for verification from HEC has expired the automated process will run on the System to generate merit lists for each University by HEC.

·         Then HEC will share the provisional merit list among the institutes for their cross check and institutes will cross check to reply within 15 days..

·         After removal of the discrepancies from provisional merit list -if any, then HEC will share the final merit list among the Institutes accordingly.

·         Every Institute must display the final merit list on their Notice board, Website or Social Media page with a timeline for the distribution.

·         Similarly, Final Merit Lists will be published on an online portal, where every student and general public can view the merit status of each individual.

Distribution Criteria:

The distribution criteria have been defined as follows:

·         Laptops will be purely distributed on merit basis in each degree program i.e. (PhD, MS/M.Phil. and 16 Years of education)

·         Share will be determined as per university enrollment and the laptops Quota for each degree program will be determined (i.e., University Quota, Campus Quota, Degree program Quota, Department Quota and Years wise distribution).

·         As per PM office directives Balochistan HEI’s quota has been fixed i.e., 14% (14,000 Laptops) will be distributed in Balochistan HEI’s. (Note: - Students from Balochistan’s accredited universities would be accommodated under this allocated quota).

·         The remaining 86,000 will be allocated among public sector HEIs in accordance with their enrollment preferences.


In case, students have feedback or complaints relating to the program or their eligibility, students may register their grievances with Grievance Redressal Committees (GRCs) which have been constituted for the purpose or you may contact University Super Focal persons.

For further information or queries, please contact:

·         Students can also send an email to HEC if any additional information required on ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

·         Students can complain Online Complain

·         Contact No :- 051-111-119-432 / 0334 111 9432

·         Address : Higher Education Commission , Sector H9 Building Islamabad, Pakistan