NEWS ARCHIVE - September 2023

An Informative Session on Great Scholarships and Study UK

Held on 19th September 2023, an informative session on Great Scholarships and Study UK took place at LCWU. This event was a collaborative effort between the British Council, the Directorate of Student Affairs, and the Department of History.

studyUK1.jpeg - 166.06 kBThe session was collaboratively organised by the Director of Student Affairs, Dr. Sumera Sajjad and the Chairperson of History Department, Dr. Sumaira Noreen. The session featured resource persons, Mr. Usman Khalid and Mr. Jawad Khan, who provided detailed insights into major British scholarships available to students.studyUK3.jpeg - 111.65 kBstudyUK4.jpeg - 92.27 kB

In addition, they shared the latest educational mobility trends with statistics from the UK Higher Education Sector. The session concluded with an interactive quiz to ensure that students comprehended the information presented. This engaging discussion inculcated among students a strong desire to explore the possibilities of studying in the UK and hence expand their horizons. Dr. Sumaira Noreen concluded the session with a vote of thanks. Later on, in their meeting with the worthy Vice Chancellor, Professor Dr. Shagufta Naz, the British Council's delegates  deliberated about the opportunities for research and study in the UK.studyUK2.jpeg - 101.26 kB