NEWS ARCHIVE - September 2023

The Naseem Kousar Scholarship Disbursement Ceremony

"The Naseem Kousar Scholarship Disbursement Ceremony took place on September 28, 2023, at the Syndicate Hall of LCWU. The ceremony was graced by the presence of esteemed individuals, including Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Shagufta Naz, Ms. Naseem Kausar Asghar (LCWU alumna and donor), Prof. Shireen Asad (Former Director of Student Affairs, LCWU), Ms. Bushra Nadeem (Former Director of Student Affairs, LCWU), Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Ali (Director of University Advancement & Financial Aid), Ms. Hina Anwar (Deputy Director of Financial Aid), Dr. Amina Moazzam (Chairperson of the Psychology Department, LCWU), Dr. Barira Bakhtawar (Public Relations Officer, LCWU), and the scholarship office staff. 
An amount of 0.25 million has been disbursed among deserving students pursuing a BS (Hons) in the Psychology department. Ms. Naseem Kousar Asghar distributed the cheques to these deserving students and expressed her appreciation for the efforts made by the Scholarship and Financial Aid Office (SFAO) staff in ensuring the transparency of the entire scholarship disbursement process. The committee also commended the initiative undertaken by the worthy Vice Chancellor Dr. Shagufta Naz to enhance communication, networking, and engagement with LCWU Alumni within the framework of the Public Relations office."