NEWS ARCHIVE - June 2023

LCWU showcases the "International Art Exhibition"

Lahore College for Women University's Institute of Design & Visual Arts (LCWU) organized an "International Art Exhibition" in collaboration with the Hebei Academy of Fine Arts, China, and the University of Education, to foster educational and cultural exchange between China and Pakistan. The event was inaugurated by Prof. Dr Shahid Munir, Chairman of the Punjab Higher Education Commission, witnessed the presence of esteemed guests, including Prof. Dr Bushra Mirza, Vice-Chancellor of LCWU, Prof. Dr Talat Naseer Pasha, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Education, and Prof. Dr Muhammad Zahir, Director/Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Hebei Academy of Fine Arts, China.
The primary objective of this exhibition was to provide a platform for promoting cultural exchange between different countries and to allow artists from diverse backgrounds to showcase their artwork, engaging with audiences from varied cultural perspectives.

The exhibition showcased over 70 artworks, featuring a diverse range of mediums from the renowned Hebei Academy of Fine Arts, China, as well as notable contributions from artists hailing from the United States, Canada, and Milan, Italy. Moreover, the exhibition proudly presented over 100 artworks by talented artists from across Pakistan.

The International Art Exhibition encompassed a rich assortment of artworks, including calligraphy, landscape paintings, still-life compositions, miniature paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and mixed-media creations. These mediums allowed artists to express both conceptual vocabulary and realistic interpretations of their ideas.
Prof. Dr Shahid Munir, Chairman of the Punjab Higher Education Commission, stated that LCWU's International Art Exhibition and the subsequent signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) reflect the university's commitment to promoting cross-cultural understanding and academic collaboration. By facilitating cultural exchange through the medium of art, Pakistan aims to strengthen the bond between China and Pakistan while providing a platform for artists to showcase their talent and foster artistic dialogue on a global scale, he said.

Professor Dr Bushra Mirza, Vice-Chancellor of LCWU, expressed her gratitude and extended her support for the collaboration between Lahore College for Women University and Hebei Academy of Fine Arts, China. She said that through art, people gain insights into different cultures, traditions, and experiences, fostering cultural exchange opportunities among students and the artistic community.Prof. Dr Khalid Mahmood, Prof. Dr Sumara Jawad, Ustad Irfan Ahmed Khan, Jamshaid Qaiser, Dr S. Ali Imran, Jamil Hassan, Ahmad Nadeem Kashar, Ashraf Heera, Atif Iqbal Qazi, Hafza Riaz, Maqsood Nazir Hassan Babar, Arfan Javed Augustine, Dr Rifaat Saif Dar, Sadia Qutab Hasmi, Dr Sadia Murtaza, Dr Aqsa Rehan, Farah Khan, Aisha Sadiqa, Sidra Liaqat, Hina Zia Dar, presented their unique ideas with diversified expressions in their exceptional artworks.

Following the exhibition, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the Division of Art and Social Sciences at the University of Education Lahore and the Institute of Design and Visual Arts (LCWU). This MOU signifies a pivotal moment in educational and cultural cooperation between China and Pakistan. Prof. Dr Rifat Saif Dar, Chairperson of the Research Center at IDVA, LCWU, highlighted the significance of this MOU, emphasizing the benefits it brings to their respective organizations in terms of cooperation in the fields of fine arts, art history, archaeology, and cultural heritage management.

Renowned artists, faculty members, and students from various art institutions visited the exhibition and appreciated the artistic endeavours on display.

Certificates of appreciation were distributed to the organizers, participants, and team members, recognizing their valuable contributions to the success of the event.