NEWS ARCHIVE - November 2023

A Smog Awareness Campaign at LCWU

Department of Environmental Science, Lahore College for Women University has launched Smog Awareness Week in collaboration with the Environment Protection Department (EPD, Government of Punjab) from November 1st, 2023 to November 7th,2023. This awareness campaign aims to educate students about the pressing issue of smog and air pollution in Lahore.

An awareness walk was conducted in the university premises today, which was led by the head of department, Prof. Dr. Arifa Tahir, along with  faculty members and students from Geography Department  and Intermediate College, LCWU.

To provide practical insights into air quality monitoring, the Environment Protection Department stationed an air monitoring mobile lab within the university campus. This mobile lab demonstrated the process of measuring the Air Quality Index (AQI) and various pollutants like NOx, SOx, ozone and carbon monoxide enhancing students' understanding of air quality assessment.

SmogWeekEnvir1.jpeg - 392.65 kBHead of department, Prof. Dr. Arifa Tahir, Dr. Fareeha from Environment Protection Department, faculty members of department (Dr. Moneeza Abbas and Ms. Fakhra Aslam) shared their thoughts on air pollution and shared preventive measures  to mitigate smog and air pollution.

The Air Quality Awareness Week will serve as an effective platform for fostering environmental consciousness and educating the academic community on the importance of addressing air pollution issues.