NEWS ARCHIVE - November 2023

Awareness Session on Managing Daily Life Hassles

November 8, 2023: The session entitled “Managing Daily Life Hassles and Ways to Enhance Wellbeing” was organized by the Department of Statistics, LCWU and Career Guidance and Counseling Centre, LCWU. The event was organized under the guidance of worthy vice-chancellor Prof. Dr. Shagufta Naz in the context of HESSA Project implementation. Ms. Mamoona Riaz (Psychologist, CGCC) guided the audience about making choices and dealing with daily life challenges. During the interactive session awareness was provided about the self-awareness and regulation of youth and to make them aware about the right choice of solution to deal with daily life hassles. Different sources of stress and their common reactions were also topics of discussion. At the end of the session, brief strategies to manage stress were also demonstrated. Students long with faculty members attended the session. Students were also briefed about the available mental health services of CGCC on campus. Dr. Asifa Kamal, Chairperson of the Statistics department expressed that we should prioritize mental health and take practical steps towards enhancement of well-being.