NEWS ARCHIVE - November 2023

Alberuni Physics Society organized a Debate and Poetry Competition

AlberuniPhysicsSociety.jpeg - 98.45 kBThe Alberuni Physics Society of the Physics Department, LCWU organized a debate and poetry competition on November 28th, 2023, named "Pakistan Day". During the event, students highlighted Iqbal's ideology, his ideology of khudi, his concept of shaheen and Iqbal's poetry which emphasis the importance of education.

AlberuniPhysicsSociety1.jpeg - 92.05 kBBenefits of freedom was also discussed by paying tribute to Pakistan armed forces. The growth and advancement of Muslims is deemed impossible without science and technology. An enthusiastic participation was observed during the debate and poetry competitions. At the end of this event, Prof. Dr. Zohra Nazir Kayani - Head of Physics Department - expressed her appreciation towards student efforts to organize such an insightful gathering and distributed shields among the winners.

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