NEWS ARCHIVE - November 2023

Lecture on Environmental Journalism by Dr. Moneeba Iftikhar

On November 30, 2023, Lahore College for Women University's Environmental Science Department hosted an enriching lecture on Environmental Journalism. Dr. Moneeba Iftikhar, a Ph.D. in Environmental Communication and guest speaker from the Mass Communication department, delivered insights into the crucial role of journalism in addressing environmental issues. *Professor Dr. Arifa Tahir* chaired the event, and *Dr. Moneeza Abbas*, the course instructor, was also present. The collaboration between both departments aimed at exploring the evolving landscape of environmental journalism, emphasizing the use of technology for effective information dissemination. Dr. Moneeba highlighted the media's impact on society and shared instances of positive environmental outcomes. The lecture concluded with valuable recommendations for students to engage in environmental journalism responsibly and ethically.To cap the event, COD Dr. Arifa Tahir and Dr. Moneeza presented a souvenir to Dr. Moneeba.
*Professor Dr. Arifa Tahir* concluded with remarks, endorsing the idea that studies in environmental sciences now face challenges in working and collaborating within media to influence policy and public opinion for environmental protection.