NEWS ARCHIVE - April 2024

Celebrating Shakespeare

Fareeha Basit Khan Literary Society hosted the much-anticipated event titled "Celebrating Shakespeare" on the 30th of April,2024. The day began with a serene recitation of the Holy Quran by Anshra Zahid, setting a reverent tone, followed by a robust rendition of the National Anthem.The auditorium echoed with whispers and gasps as Shakespeare’s Character made a surprise entrance in the beginning of the event, sending waves of thrill through the gathered crowd. Ms. Aaisha Umt Ur Rashid, the incharge of Fareeha Basit Khan Literary Society, took to the stage as a host and commanded the attention of all as she unfolded the proceedings of the event.The highlight of the day was an electrifying panel discussion featuring luminaries like Shahid Nadeem, Sarmad Sultan Khoosat, and the distinguished Dr Zakia Nasir and Ms Zakia Resshid. They engaged into the interesting debate on "Relevance of Shakespeare in Contemporary Pakistani Society," masterfully moderated by Dr Amara Khan, the esteemed Chairperson of the English Department, LCWU. The discussion was a rollercoaster of intellectual insights and passionate exchanges that lasted an intense 50 minutes.Following the panel's conclusion, the panelists were honored with shields, amid roaring applause that resonated through the venue. The momentum continued with a spellbinding showcase of Shakespearean characters that captivated the audience, drawing cheers and applause.The climax of the event was a fiercely competitive Shakespearean quiz that had teams from UCP, UET, GCU, and UHE battling wits. Hosted by the dynamic duo of Ms. Hasna Asif and Ayesha Abid, the quiz unfolded in two suspense-packed rounds, culminating in a nail-biting rapid-fire round. In a stunning display of knowledge and quick thinking, the team from GCU clinched the first prize, with UCP and UHE following closely in second and third places, respectively.As the event drew to a close, participants were awarded shields and certificates, their faces beaming with pride and achievement. The day was not just a celebration of Shakespeare but a testament to the enduring spirit of literary excellence that thrives within the venues of Fareeha Basit Khan Literary Society.