Implementing Outcome Based Education System (OBE) Training Session

Dr. Naveed Ahmed, Deputy Director of the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) NCA conducted the Outcome Based Education (OBE) Framework workshop for the Faculty of Management of Administrative Sciences (FMAS) at LCWU on 5th January 2024. The session aimed to equip faculty members with valuable insights to adapt to modern educational techniques and tools.

Dr. Ahmed elucidated the core principles of Outcome Based Education, emphasizing its student-centric nature and the importance of clearly defined program and course outcomes. The workshop focused on aligning curricula with desired learning outcomes, ensuring a more cohesive and effective educational approach.

The workshop fostered active participation from the faculty, encouraging discussions and the exchange of ideas. Faculty members expressed enthusiasm for implementing OBE principles.

In the end, faculty appreciated Dr. Naveed Ahmed and payed gratitude to Dr. Adeel Nasir and Dr. Sobia Hassan for arranging such an insightful workshop for faculty development.