“Basic Life support (BLS) training’ at LCWU

BasicLifeSavWorkshopLC.jpeg - 172.25 kB“Basic Life support (BLS) training’ of Pharmacy students was conducted in collaboration with Rescue 1122, at the CRP seminar room.  Through insightful video lectures, students were equipped with essential knowledge on CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) techniques and wound Management, ensuring readiness for emergencies. Practical demonstrations on dummies provided invaluable hands-on experience, empowering students to perform CPR on their own with confidence. The organizers are grateful to the worthy VC, and Dean FOPAHS and their kind patronage and support in organizing this event.BasicLifeSavWorkshopLC2.jpeg - 110.79 kBBasicLifeSavWorkshopLC1.jpeg - 103.07 kBBasicLifeSavWorkshopLC3.jpeg - 110.15 kB