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 The Faculty of Management and Administrative Sciences (FMAS) has celebrated cleanliness day on the 15th September, 2022. The Cleanliness Campaign was organised by the FMAS under the umbrella of Entrepreneurial Society LCWU, the team participated with a passion to live, work and study in clean and healthy environment. The esteemed faculty members along with honourable heads of departments Dr Muhammad Fiaz and Dr Sobia Hassan also participated in the campaign.
The team of the ENTERPRENEURIAL SOCIETY took the lead for this clean and green drive. They did the campaign by going to the classes and raised the awareness among students about the evils of uncleanliness. They arranged flexes, standees; trash bins, gloves, garbage bags, masks, hand wash and other materials for this activity. On the occasion, waste bags and pamphlets were also distributed among the students to highlight the importance of cleanliness. CR’s also collaborated with the team in the whole campaign. Then we ambled to the department and the students participated in this campaign actively and without any hesitation collected the trash from the campus. As the saying goes: Environmental cleanliness begins with each individual’s desire to be clean.”

Our objective for doing this campaign of cleanliness with the great help of faculty was to protect and care for the environment by engaging the community in leading an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Pakistan is our home and we should take care of it. We keep our homes clean and tidy so we should also ensure cleanliness in every part of our country.”