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LCWU hosts a two-day International Workshop on Climate Change

The two-day International Workshop on Climate Change started at the Lahore College for Women University with a statement that investigating the effects of climate change on water resources is crucial to inquire and deeply understand the effects on aquatic animal, and plant communities and their habitat and also its consequences on the human environment.The collaboration of various women's universities in Pakistan including Lahore College for Women University (LCWU), Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) and SBK Women University (SBKWU) in partnership with North Carolina State University aims to develop Pakistan Women University Climate Change Consortium (PWUCC). This will provide a platform for young women environmentalists to work collectively for the creation of more complex and intricate structures, opening up new possibilities for the design of advanced procedures and devices, that can mitigate Climate change effects on water resources.

This two-day International Workshop on "Climate Change Impacts on Glaciers, Rivers and The Ocean" was organized by the Department of Environmental Science, Lahore College for Women University in collaboration with North Carolina State University, USA. The conference was funded by the Punjab Higher Education Commission.

The objective of the international workshop was to provide a platform for female environmentalists to understand the climate change issues and challenges faced by North Carolina State and Pakistan.