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A workshop on "Effectively Bracing Yourself for the Corporate World"

The "Effectively Bracing Yourself for the Corporate World" Workshop was a highly informative interactive session catered to students preparing to enter the professional sphere.
This Workshop was organized by FMAS Literary Society on 06th December, 2023 keeping in view the guidance from our most respected Dr. Adeel Nasir (Chairperson Department of Management Sciences, LCWU) and Dr. Sobia Hassan (Incharge, Department of Public Administration, LCWU).
The invited trainer/guest speaker was Mr. Haseeb Alam Khan (Divisional Manager at PSO).  Attendees were provided with invaluable insights and practical guidance on navigating the corporate landscape. Expert speaker shared strategies for success, covering areas such as professional etiquette, effective communication, workplace dynamics, and career advancement. This seminar equipped students with the necessary tools to confidently transition into the corporate world, empowering them to thrive in their future careers.