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Seminar on "Unlock Your Digital Potential: A Roadmap to Freelancing Success"

Faculty of Management and Administrative Sciences (FMAS) Literary Society organized the influential seminar with Ms. Hira Javed (Digital Entrepreneur) on 6th December, 2023 under the guidance of Dr. Adeel Nasir (Chairperson Department of Management Sciences, LCWU), Dr. Sobia Hassan (Incharge, Department of Public Administration, LCWU).
This seminar hosted an engaging session attended by students who’re eager to explore the world of freelancing. This dynamic event provided valuable insights into essential strategies and tools crucial for success in the digital realm. Students gained practical knowledge on building an impactful online presence (profiles and operations on Fiverr. And Upwork), honing key skills, navigating platforms, and establishing a sustainable freelance career. Led by industry experts, this seminar empowered students to unlock their digital potential, offering a roadmap for a successful journey into the freelance industry.