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An Academic Planning endeavor under HESSA

meetingHessa1.jpeg - 143.50 kBDr. Uzma Qureshi, Director of DFDI and Dean of the Faculty of Education, orchestrated an academic planning endeavor under HESSA, drawing together heads, faculty members from diverse departments, and students from the Department of STEM Education. meetingHessa.jpeg - 116.77 kBThe event commenced with the solemn recitation of the Holy Quran. Subsequently, the dean extended a warm welcome to the attendees, delineating the workshop's objectives with clarity.meetingHessa2.jpeg - 112.02 kB

The session unfolded with students conducting a SWOT analysis, offering insights into the institution's internal strengths and weaknesses, alongside external opportunities and threats. Following this, Dr. Sajid Masood, Head of the Department of Teaching and Learning at the University of Management and Technology, Lahore, delivered a presentation elucidating key aspects of academic planning.

HessaAcedemicplan1.jpeg - 101.60 kBDr. Uzma Qureshi, in her subsequent discourse, reflected on the presentation, indicating contemplation over the establishment of a teaching and learning center within the university and the potential integration of peer tutoring initiatives. Emphasizing the significance of effective leadership, she underscored the evolving dynamics of higher education, advocating for a nuanced approach akin to the "Human Body" theory of leadership, where holistic care is accorded to every facet of institutional functioning.

Furthermore, Dr. Qureshi stressed the need for policy evolution, rejecting the notion of policies as immutable doctrines and instead advocating for their continual refinement to align with evolving institutional needs. She asserted that policies serve as conduits for articulating the collective aspirations of the academic community, emphasizing the imperative of proactive engagement with institutional authorities.

HessaAcedemicplan3.jpeg - 93.20 kBIn essence, the academic planning activity served as a platform for introspection, strategic deliberation, and the cultivation of a forward-looking institutional ethos, resonating with the ethos of adaptability and innovation underpinning HESSA's mission.

 Video Highlights of the Event