Faculty Development & Internationalisation

International Resource Centre (IRC)

LCWU, in collaboration with British Council Pakistan has trained faculty members from across the university in various areas of internationalization to help LCWU set up an International Resource Centre in the University. The purpose of setting up this hub is to promote and enhance international education programmers with the expressed goal of increasing knowledge transfer, student and staff mobility and best practices sharing between the academic communities in Pakistan and the global academic community. To meet the growing global challenges and to compete with other local and international universities, LCWU needs to implement the following internationalization strategies: 

•    Staff and Student Exchange Programmes

•    PhD programmes for Staff

•    Placement in Foreign Universities (in collaboration with Careers and Placement Office)

•    Linkages and Research Collaborations

•    International Conferences, Seminars

•    International Publications

•    Distance Learning Programmes

•    Participation in Video Conferenced Lectures and Seminars

•    Attracting and recruiting International Students

IRC is committed to assisting each department with their internationalization efforts as listed above.

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